Wynn Foundation make donation to MNDA Shropshire

Wynn Foundation make donation to MNDA Shropshire


The Wynn Foundation Trustees were happy to be able to present the Motor Neurone Disease Association funds to support their work in Shropshire.

The funds will go towards helping patients such as Claire, who is living with MND (pictured with her grandson).

Claire has received help from MNDA with items such as:

“The wheelchair was great but some of the extras which are not funded by the NHS are what makes the difference to my quality of life in it. With the support of my amazing occupational therapist I successfully applied for a grant for attendant controls. Initially I could control my wheelchair all the time myself but as my hands got weaker friends or carers are able to ‘drive’ the chair for me – it’s heavy and impossible to push!

“Another extra the MND Association provided was the riser option on my wheelchair. It means I can bring myself still seated up to whatever level I need to be. It means I can be at the right height to take part in conversations with people who are standing and it really makes such a difference. My family is all very tall and it means I can be the right height for lots of hugs and kisses.”