The Wynn Foundation exists to support community needs and create opportunities for groups and individuals across Shropshire to prosper.

Small, yet much needed, contributions and improved accessibility to support, learning and technology help to redress the balance of equal opportunities – to enhance quality of life and the pathway to achievement.

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Time for change

Obstacles and hardship can sometimes block a much-needed route to transformation where a little help goes a long way.

Successful projects

Grants would typically be £500-£1500 with a maximum fund of £3000. Implementation guidance and evaluation criteria are provided.

Submissions reviewed

Every quarter applications are reviewed and funding awarded to a variety of community-led initiatives and individual projects.

Local support

Does your local community, interest group or individual circumstances require financial support to really make a difference?

Typical projects include

Assistance comes in many forms such as meals and transportation for the elderly, fundamental equipment or kit for sports groups or a helping hand to climb the ladder of progress.

Community food initiatives

Kit and essentials for sports groups

Embrace technology to change your life

Transform your community group

All ages, genders, disabilities and cultures can benefit from Wynn Foundation support – with no zero bias.

Taking a broad perspective of the Shropshire area as a whole, successful projects must highlight an opportunity where cash funding, personal advice or specific equipment will enable a positive transformation for everyone involved.

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