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Wynn Foundation | Graham and Jenny Wynn

Shropshire born and bred

Jenny and Graham Wynn grew up in Shropshire and took a chance on a business idea that fortunately developed into a successful national business.

In the nineties, Jenny and Graham founded the TTC Group. With the head office based in Telford, the company quickly grew to employ more than 120 people in the local area and over 400 external trainers across the UK.


“Back then, as a young motivated couple, we were no strangers to hard work but our enthusiasm helped us to succeed. We’re passionate about the Shropshire area and its people and we’re now in a position to offer support and advice to those who have a compelling venture or necessity that we can support.”


A key element in Jenny and Graham setting up the Wynn Foundation is to help to see an end to homelessness across Shropshire.


The only prerequisite for Wynn Foundation support is that projects fulfill a genuine reason to somehow better fellow members of the Shropshire community.
There are a few things that are unlikely to get our support – why not take a look here before applying.
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Supporting initiatives that better improve our local community through equal opportunities


We aim to support charities and community organisations across Shropshire that help to address the following:

Disability support

Accessibility, technology provision and a change offered can make all the difference in achieving great things.

Underprivileged support

A supportive confidante and coaching guidance can open doors of opportunity for those less fortunate. There’s a winner inside us all.


The encouragement of a supportive friend and the patience of someone who understands can help ease the burdens of life.

The Unemployed

Sometimes circumstances just aren’t on our side. Fresh knowledge, time to reskill and to build confidence offers a new road to success.

The Elderly

Growing old can be lonely and what we take for granted may become inaccessible. A friendly face on a journey, over a meal or across the table is a welcome companion.

The Young

Opportunities can be competitive and as a youngster life experience has a way to go. A mentor can be a real asset to success.

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