RGC Wheelchair Rugby

RGC Wheelchair Rugby

RGC Wheelchair Rugby is a club for people with disabilities to play wheelchair rugby. The sport is nationwide but locally they train at Whitchurch Civic Hall, Shropshire.

The club recently submitted a grant application to the Wynn Foundation for the purpose of purchasing a wheelchair with a large seat capacity. The application was approved by the Wynn Foundation Trustees.

Wheelchair rugby is a sport for primarily tetraplegics or persons with upper and lower limb dysfunction. The club is open to all ages, male and female. They aim to provide an environment for the disabled to play sport for recreation or competitively.

Wynn Foundation Trustee Luke presented the cheque to Club Secretary – Mark Baines, and found out more about Wheelchair Rugby.

We hope this grant enables you to purchase the equipment you detailed and assists more members being able to participate in Wheelchair Rugby.