Helping Wrekin Swimming Club to get on-line

Helping Wrekin Swimming Club to get on-line

The Wynn Foundation Trustees approved a grant application submitted by Wrekin Swimming Club and were delighted to be able to present them with funds to help develop an on-line presence.

Wrekin Swimming Club are a volunteer run club and their volunteers are widely spread across the County.

They wanted to create and maintain a website for the club to advertise the presence of the club, and also to be able to pass on information such as pool closures and affiliated events.

The club was formed in 1981 and has been continually open except for during the Covid lockdown periods.

They are a non-competitive swimming club who support people with physical and mental disabilities to engage in water based sport safely. Originally, the club catered for physical and mental disability but more recently have had interest from rehabilitation groups and social prescribing practitioners.

We look forward to seeing your website up and running.