Motor Neurone Disease Association

Motor Neurone Disease Association

The Wynn Foundation have given the Motor Neurone Disease Association a grant of £1000 to support its work in Shropshire.

Getting a diagnosis of MND is life-changing. The only certainty is a shortened life, reliant on other people and specialist equipment to meet even the most basic of needs.

In order to ensure access to the right equipment, at the right time, they provide grants to people with MND, their families and carers. As well as grants for the purchase of specialist equipment to improve independence, grants can also be given for items/ activities which improve quality of life and enable families to make precious memories during the time they have left.

In the last 12 months in Shropshire, from 1 September 2018, they provided seven Support Grants totalling just over £4,800. Examples include:

  • £500 towards a lightweight mobility scooter for Mr C from Telford which enables him to continue to participate in day to day activities such as walking his dogs, therefore improving his quality of life.
  • £750 towards a double profiling bed for Mrs P from Bridgnorth. Social services have adapted the garage to a downstairs bedroom and Mrs P requires a profiling bed to meet her needs. Her husband needs to support Mrs P during the night (for example for re-positioning) and therefore the double profiling bed means the couple can continue to share a room and enables Mr P to be on-hand during the night as required.
  • £774 towards a Bio Bidet to enable Mrs B from Telford to independently and safely maintain her personal hygiene for as long as possible.

“The riser recliner chair has been really helpful, especially in the last year. As my legs have gone the biggest difficulty has been getting out of chairs; without the riser recliner I can’t get up and out of the chair on my own. It gives me more independence.” David who is living with MND.

Their Equipment Loan and Support Grant service provides a lifeline to people with MND and their families in Shropshire.