Shooting Star Gymnastics Club

The Wynn Foundation have received emails and pictures from Shooting Star Gymnastics Club in Telford. This is what they had to say:


“The £2,500 funding received will go towards the purchase of a new table vault, vaulting blocks and a new raised sprung runway. This new equipment will benefit all of the many gymnasts that attend our club weekly as it will give them the opportunities to progress further within the sport, therefore keeping young people involved in sport and within a positive environment for longer. We’re all very excited for the arrival of the new equipment and cannot wait for all of the gymnasts to enjoy using the apparatus, but we couldn’t have done it without you so on behalf of all the coaches, volunteers and participates at shooting Stars; Thank you, your funding really has made a difference to our club.


On behalf of everyone at Shooting Stars I would like to thank you and the Wynn Foundation again for your funding and look forward to seeing you when it’s all done”.


We also received a thank you card signed by all of the members of the club:

Luke Feehan and Claire Rogers of the Wynn Foundation presenting a cheque to support

Shooting Star Gymnastics Club