First Responders

The Wynn Foundation Presents a Grant to the First Responders

The Wynn Foundation presented a cheque for £5000 to the First Responders on the 7th January 2019 to support the group’s purchase of a scheme car that they can use to support the work they do in the community in support of West Midlands Ambulance Service.


The groups are made up of four volunteers who are trained by the ambulance service to respond to medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest, heart attack, stroke, severe bleeding, diabetes, seizures, severe allergic reactions, breathing problems, head and spinal injuries in our local area. Currently they are tasked to respond in a 4 mile or 8-minute radius from their home addresses in their own vehicles. They do respond further afield if required and there is no other asset available. As they are in the local vicinity they can get there quicker and provide lifesaving treatment sooner which can and has made a difference to the outcome.


The vehicle will enable the group to provide services that can be a matter of life and death. There are people in the communities whose lives have been saved by this group. The vehicle will also contain the same communications equipment provided in modern ambulances – the group have previously had to rely on their own devices to receive calls or texts about emergencies. The vehicle will also enable the group to broaden what they do as the group is not allowed to carry lifesaving drugs in their own vehicles and the grant will enable them to buy a vehicle that will facilitate the transport of medicines that could prove crucial in saving someone’s life or alleviating pain or other symptoms.




The cheque was presented to the First Responders by Claire Rogers and Helen Smith of the Wynn Foundation. The First Responders are: Dave Fitton Chairman, Derek Mattinson Secretary, Craig Jones, Stuart Williams.


You can find out more about the First Responders by clicking:

First Responders